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Creating a manufacturing employee scheduling based on your needs.

A comprehensive manufacturing employee scheduling is a process that contains not only the labor and shift schedules but also connects with the rest of the production process.

Information about every aspect of the production, including employee skills, specialized work, and material and machinery availability, customer delivery dates should be considered in a comprehensive employee scheduling.

QShop employee scheduling gives you an ultimate scheduling module for manufacturing and job shops. It visualizes employee schedules based on open jobs, machinery availability, inventory, and all other aspects of your production.

QShop incorporates and visualizes your schedule alongside your production goals and forecasted revenue.

When it comes to highly skilled labor, an unplanned vacation or a few unexpected days away from work could result in an unprecedented backlog in production and delivery time. QShop manufacturing employee scheduling gives you multiple screens to visualize shift and employee scheduling in relation to your production.

A manufacturing employee scheduling and master production schedule

In the Encyclopedia of Production and Manufacturing Management, the master production schedule definition is explained as a company’s manufacturing schedule including all parts and equipment that are needed to create the final product. In its fourth edition, it states that a master production schedule “represents what the company plans to produce in terms of models, quantities, and dates.”

For make-to-order operations and job shops, accurate manufacturing employee scheduling should be aligned with the master production plan and customer delivery dates.

Further, the ability to automate job shop schedules based on changes in employee hours can greatly affect the overall efficiency of your production and your ability to deliver your products on time.

Here are feature highlights that are offered by QShop Scheduler

The best work schedule for manufacturing

The best work schedule for manufacturing should give a holistic view of your production. This means it not only assigns employee hours but also finds production bottlenecks based on labor availability. It helps to spot points with low throughput resources in your production.  

Further, you can use the graphs and supporting information to take action toward your short-term and long-term goals.

An accurate equipment and labor scheduling plan optimizes your labor force​ and makes equipment usage more efficient. Here is how:

1- Optimize Equipment Usage

Having an optimized production means keeping a constant workload on your equipment.

To make sure your equipment runs constantly, you need to have a maintenance routine in place. But how would you plan for such maintenance without hindering your production flow?

With QShop, you can set up the master production scheduling plans to not only ensure the long-term performance of your machinery but also minimize your maintenance cost and downtime.

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Equipment workload schedule

QShop Scheduler helps you to find the optimal time slot for scheduling your machinery maintenance. Meaning, you are able to use the maintenance calendar during job scheduling to work around machinery downtime.

Having a maintenance schedule in place takes away stress load from your machinery, prevents equipment breakdown, and makes sure they perform at their most efficient level. This means you can consistently meet your delivery deadlines and comply with your customer needs.

2- Optimize labor scheduling

In manufacturing, being able to optimize a labor force and minimize employee wait and idle time on the factory floor determines the long-term success or failure of a business. In a labor-intensive environment like a repair shop, having idle employees is not an unfamiliar sight.

If you are in MRO (Manufacturing Repair and Overhaul) and MTO manufacturing (Make to Order shops) type of businesses, you know that employee scheduling comes with its own unique challenges.

Due to the unpredictable nature of the jobs and the labor-intensive type of operation, assigning the right sequence of jobs to the right employees with the right skills becomes exceedingly complex.

Due to such complexities, regular employee scheduling for such labor-intensive environments becomes quite inefficient and results in your skilled technician’s idle time for hours at a time. This in turn can increase your cost and delay your delivery time.

QShop Scheduler is created to fit the complex scheduling needs of repair shops, MRO, and MTO manufacturing. It generates the most efficient employee schedule based on your needs and your own unique requirements, such as various shift patterns and multiple break schedules.

Further, you can view visual and color-coded snapshots of your employees’ skills and availability on a timeline. This way, you can visually identify underutilized resources. Here is how:

Manufacturing Employee Scheduling
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A Flexible Scheduling Software

Using employee workload schedule you can:

Identify underutilized labor: In manufacturing, an individual’s skills play an important role in their job assignment. Being able to get a bird’s eye view of your employees’ workload helps you to make decisions about training or hiring decisions.

To identify underutilized labor, QShop gives you a horizon view of your production process. This means you can visually differentiate between an employee who is busy 90% of the time and an employee who is busy only 25% of the shift.

Vacations: In the employee workload view, you can see the effect of an employee’s vacation request on your production line in advance and make adjustments accordingly.

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