Q.Shop Job Scheduling

How can Q.Shop Job Scheduling help your operation?​

Q.Shop gives you the ultimate scheduling power for the most demanding job shop environments by incorporating available information from every corner of your company.

Q.Shop empowers your decision-making process and helps to run your shop more efficiently by considering all your business and customer requirements.

Q.Shop Scheduler proves to generate extremely higher throughput for your company by utilizing a customizable Concurrent Resource Scheduler to produce one master production schedule across all your resources.

A Job Scheduling for Repair and Overhaul

Q. Shop is designed to manage the needs and requirements in job shops and in repair and overhaul manufacturing. Repair industries face unique challenges in scheduling that separate them from assembly line manufacturing.

Since not every repair job is the same. The size of each project might be different. Furthermore, the length of time might change unexpectedly due to the condition of a unit that is sent for repair. Q.Shop covers many abilities to address the needs of repair and overhaul industries such as:

  • The ability to apply the required changes in the scheduler, to compensate for unexpected lengths of time.
  • It handles changes in job priority to reflect the actual work that needs to be done on the shop floor.

To learn more about how Q.Shop can help repair and Overhaul Industry, you can refer to the extra note on job shop scheduling software.

Job Shop Scheduling: Top 24 features that Q.Shop offers:

  1. Unlimited resource definition for machinery, employees, tools, jigs, fixtures, instruments, and so forth
  2. Unlimited way of prioritizing jobs, according to your business objectives
  3. Unlimited number of concurrent constraints and resource assignments to each operation
  4. Unlimited way of ranking resources either automatically or manually
  5. True recognition of assembly, sub-assembly, in-house manufactured parts, and so forth
  6. True recognition of repair shops, disassembly, repair and overhauls business model, salvage operation, and so forth
  7. Provision of just-in-time pegging, specific lot allocation, and similar concepts
  8. Recognition of lead time and transit time per vendor
  9. Recognition of receiving inspection time and on-hold status for purchase parts
  10. Independent and unlimited number of shifts for resources
  11. Independent and unlimited shift pattern definition for each resource
  12. Independent and unlimited shifts pattern for each day of the week
  13. Independent and unlimited shifts pattern with overlapping or variable shift length
  14. Recognition of Employee vacation, no-show, call-in sick, calling in early, leaving early for appointments, and so forth
  15. Recognition of statutory holidays, company’s specific holiday observations, and so forth
  16. Recognition of machinery planned maintenance shutdown, unexpected breakdown, self-clean cycle time, and so forth
  17. True recognition of moving time, cooling time, setup time, runtime, and so forth
  18. No limitation on the number of input or output data
  19. Select between scheduling accuracy up to one-minute notch size or a holistic view of one hour
  20. Runs if-scenarios automatically and makes comparison results ready for your management review
  21. Running automatically on your predefined schedule intervals or any custom schedule, quickly and accurately 24/7
  22. Lots of management reports with valuable insights that help manage your business much smoother
  23. More conveniently, you will not be doing even a single data entry; hence Q.Shop integrates into existing ERP and retrieves all its data from there even if they are in tens of different systems from every corner of your company
  24. Last but not least, a user-friendly audit log that anyone can read and understand to rectify any and all bottlenecks in a matter of a second

Q.Shop Scheduling overcomes your challenges and a lot more as every day enhances by listening to our customers and their unique stories.

Employee Scheduler

Your employees are scheduled according to their own specific shift patterns and skill sets. Each employee receives the most productive and efficient available job, according to their priority, to make the best out of their time. It helps to minimize the idle time and increases productivity.

Live Analysis​

The fast logic and smart technology of your scheduler account for any equipment breakdown or employee no-show. It instantly relocates all affected resources and jobs to minimize the ripple effect and make the best output for the day. As a result, it eliminates the idle time and domino effect of unpredictable events.

Management Reports

Your scheduler provides detailed reports and solid insight to your managers. It helps them make the best decision to support your company’s production. Managers monitor production capacity along with shortages or bottlenecks to make trend predictions.

Schedule concurrent resources accurately up to one-minute time slots

Q.Shop helps with scheduling your machinery, work centers, cells, equipment and employees. 

It empowers your decision-making process by creating visual representations of real-time operations and their schedules. 

Subsequently, it helps to map an accurate and optimum schedule and increases your shop floor throughput.

Q.Shop instantly adjusts the schedule based on your environment variables such as equipment breakdown, employee no-show, vendor delivery delay, material quality hold points, and more.

Q.Shop Job Scheduler

Q.Shop Job Scheduler is designed for repair and overhaul and job shop manufacturing. It integrates seamlessly with your existing ERP/MRP. And adds extra functionalities to support operations in the repair and overhaul industries.