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Production Scheduling Process for Management Team​

The master production schedule is the backbone of your manufacturing operation and determines your overall success in the production scheduling process. Having an accurate job scheduling plan that maps your production flow and considers all your resources is the first building block in job shop planning scheduling and control.

In Production Scheduling Process Assessment According to an Enterprise Engineering Perspective, the production scheduling process is defined as creating day-to-day operations, considering all factors that may contribute to faults in production or reasons for delayed delivery.

A master production schedule creates a realistic timeline with all company limits and restrictions included, providing an accurate timeline for the completion of your production and amount of products made.

The production scheduling process is the company’s assessment of its capabilities and personnel to create achievable goals and proper timelines to complete production.  

Q.Shop Job Shop Scheduling Software allows you to create an accurate master production schedule for your production. You can also quickly regenerate your scheduling calendar and make adjustments any time a factor is changed in your normal operation.

Your management team has the right tools to make better long and short-term decisions. Furthermore, visualization of the production process and live reports help them to identify bottlenecks and take steps to resolve them in order to create a smoother workflow. 

HR, quality, engineering, and all other stakeholders can make short and long planning based on visual trends and statistical data.

Get a Live Overview of your Production​​

Visualizing your production scheduling process can greatly help your management team.

Q.Shop offers quite a few unique features that make its job scheduler a good fit for labor-intensive manufacturing. Here is how Q.Shop is tailored:

  1. It maps material availability​.
  2. It is specially designed for manufacturing.
  3. It considers complex resource capacity and availability.
  4. It handles unlimited concurrent resources​.
  5. It allows manual overrides​.
  6. It permits serial tracking and special pegging​
Image showing example of Q.Shop master production schedule

1- Material Availability

Q.Shop creates a master production schedule only upon the availability of all required materials. It checks inventory levels, incoming purchase orders, in-house productions, sub-assemblies, and any other identified material requirements.

2- Designed with Manufacturing Needs in Mind

Q.Shop’s production scheduling process recognizes and understands different job types. It properly schedules disassembly and repair services alongside production line models. To summarize, Q.Shop’s master production schedule can handle MRO: Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul, MTO: Make to Order, BTO: Build to Order, and BTS: Build to Stock.

3- Resource Capacity and Availability

Q.Shop handles individual calendars and builds a capacity matrix for each resource. It takes all resources into consideration to ensure proper job scheduling, no matter how simple or sophisticated your constraints are.

4- Unlimited Concurrent Resource Handling

Scheduling in production planning and control can come with an unlimited number of constraints within in your production. Q.Shop checks the availability and capacity of each and every resource for proper scheduling.

5- Manual Overrides

An automated master production schedule should also consider possible manual overrides. There could be many reasons to manually schedule a few tasks, from handling a special customer’s request to a special job requirement. Q.Shop honors your manual job assignment and schedules the rest accordingly.​

6- Serial Tracking and Special Pegging

Another important factor in the production scheduling process is to be able to allocate a particular sub-assembly or serial number to a job. Q.Shop differentiates between the entire inventory availability and special pegging through purchase orders or in-house sub-assembly productions.​

Q.Shop Job Scheduling

Q.Shop Job Scheduler is designed for repair and overhaul and job shop manufacturing. It integrates seamlessly with your existing ERP/MRP. And adds extra functionalities to support operations in the repair and overhaul industries.