Document Control and Management

What does Q.Shop Document Manager offer?​

One unique, simple, and easy-to-use interface addresses all concerns around document control with much more added functionality.

How does document control benefit you?​

Document control is one of the most commonly neglected areas of QMS and can result in a high degree of direct and indirect quality costs.

In most cases, there is no visibility or acknowledgment of such a costly burden. But in fact, the root cause of many nonconforming products can be traced back to insufficient or wrong documentation.

  1. Revision Control​
  2. Keep Confidentiality
  3. Reduce Costs​
  4. Prevent Nonconformity

1- Revision Control

Eliminate ambiguity and uncertainty over document change by using a transparent change control system.

2- Confidentiality

Protect confidential and proprietary contents and allow secure access at the point of use.

3- Reduce the Cost

Eliminate the possibility of losing or misplacing documents and reduce the retrieval time in accessing them.

4- Prevent Nonconformity

Take the stress out of the audit process by eliminating outdated and obsolete documents.

Simplify Quality Inspection

Measure, monitor, and manage quality data throughout the production cycle or repair and overhaul process. We offer production workforce management and document management solutions.