Field Inspection

What can Q.Shop Field Inspection do for you?

Access your off-site work in progress from anywhere, through workstations, touchscreen monitors or mobile devices. Bring your field job inspection paperwork to your fingertips and eliminate delays, after-hours data entry, double data entry and the pain of reading handwritten scribbles.

Get a real-time view of the work in progress on the field. Identify bottlenecks and respond​ promptly ​to off-site challenges.

It helps you to see…

Image for Q.Shop field work manager
Get Live view of your Field Inspection Progress.

1- Real-time job progress report

Get real-time insight into your field technician’s job progress, including detailed measurements and observations.

2- Live job status

Make your team more efficient by having instant access to the status and needs of field operators.

3- Reduce downtime

Remotely inspect and approve inspection to reduce downtime and communication delays

4- Backorder parts

Our integrated system provides field technicians with the ability to identify job requirements as the job progresses.

Why do you need a real-time view of Field Jobs?

1- Real-time View of Work in Progress: 

Make your team more efficient by having instant access to the status and needs of field operators. Very often a field technician is waiting on documentation to verify the conformity of their task with the maintenance manuals, standards or operating procedures. In other cases, they might need to see the bill of materials or technical drawings to complete their task. Having them available online eliminates these wait times.

2- Simplify Decision Making:

Identify critical stages of production or service maintenance, and place quality hold points for the lead hand’s review or foreman’s approval.

Simplifying Quality Inspection.

Measure, monitor, and manage quality data throughout the production cycle or repair and overhaul process. We offer production workforce management and document management solutions.