Q.Shop for Vendors


How Q.Shop can help your customer and vendors?

Q.Shop connects you with your third party service providers and vendors and allows you to share Quality Assurance paperwork and inspection documents.

Q.Shop eliminates the complexities of duplicate data entry and handling handwritten paperwork between your company and your third party service providers.

Create consistency in your customer reports by using a centralized system. Q.Shop helps you to connect seamlessly with your service provider and allows you to access the progress of your work in real time.

Easily communicate with your Customers and create vendor reports.

1- Live Production Flow

Live access to the production flow. See the Inspection Process in real time.

2- Effective Communication

Identify bottlenecks easily and set notifications to take the right action.

3- Custom and Vendor Reports

Easily customize customer and vendor reports as per your client’s need.

4- Automatic Assessment

Use embedded logic to identify the validity of your data on the spot.

5- Avoid Duplicate Data Entry

Eliminate double data entry by having your vendors use your standard quality forms.

6- Certificate of Compliance

Give clean and professional looking reports to your customer. Customize and generate customer reports from your production data and manage your compliance reports.

Simplifying Quality Inspection.

Measure, monitor, and manage quality data throughout the production cycle or repair and overhaul process. We offer production work force management and document management solutions.