Q.Shop for Operators


Minimal Training

Q.Shop closely imitates your existing paper forms.

Similarly, your employees don’t have to learn how to work with a new software system.

Above all, this saves employee training time and makes a quick and smooth transition from your paper-based system.

Image for Q.Shop wordorder list
Q.Shop eITR screenshot. Q.Shop electronic inspection and test report solution

Manage your production documents

Q.Shop provides you with a platform to link all your production documents and make them accessible throughout the production process. These documents could be your:

  • CAD/CAM drawings
  • PDF files, Word Docs, Excel files, PPTs
  • Handwritten notes
  • Datasheets and binders
  • Material safety data sheets (MSDS)
  • Images with highlighted points
  • Video or audio files

You can make the current version of your documents accessible to operators at all times. This saves operators and technicians time in accessing the right paperwork and minimizes production errors.

Q.Shop for Operators…​

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  1. Tool Calibration​
  2. First-Off Inspection​
  3. Complex Calculation and Logic
  4. Customizable for each Operator
  1. Instant Access to Data Sheets and Work Instructions​
  2. Collaborative Forms​
  3. Instant Access to your Forms​
  4. Reference Data​

1- Tool Calibration

Q.Shop tracks tool calibration records of your tools. It prevents obsolete or expired calibration instruments from being used. Consequently, it alerts the operators that the tool is not calibrated and automatically notifies managers about the state of the tool.​

2- First-Off Inspection

Q.Shop automatically notifies the assigned supervisor or manager as the work progresses toward such hold points on the inspection form. Thus shop operators don’t have to stop work to notify the supervisor.​

3- Complex Calculation and Logic

Q.Shop allows you to automate your complex calculations. Likewise, set up your custom formula to simplify and speed up the shop floor data entry process. Similarly, with Q.Shop you can set up your own logic to your forms. Thus, Q.Shop eliminates the overall shop floor data entry mistakes.​

4- Customizable for each Operator

In Q.Shop, an operator on the shop floor can scan their job list. After that, the operator can instantly access the relevant section of the production/inspection form. Furthermore, Q.Shop can be customized to fit the work scope and your existing shop floor routine.

5- Instant Access to Data Sheets and Work Instructions

Q.Shop brings the latest version of all your drawings, work instructions, maintenance manuals, datasheets, and any other procedures to the operators’ fingertips.

6- Collaborative Forms

Q.Shop gives a real-time experience where multiple employees work simultaneously on the same form. Therefore, giving assigned team members a live view of the inspection progress.

7- Instant Access to your Forms

Q.Shop makes a copy of your inspection form accessible to each assigned operator. Above all, it eliminates the time wasted on finding and waiting for the paper form.

8- Reference Previous Data

Place reference data from earlier stages of production/inspection in the form right where we need it. As a result, the assigned operator can see what has been entered in earlier stages of production/ inspection without going back and forth in the form to find the right information. Thus, saving them time and eliminating possible mistakes with shop floor data entry.

Simplifying Quality Inspection.

Measure, Monitor, and Manage quality data throughout the production cycle or repair and overhaul process. We offer production workforce management and document management solutions.