What is EASA Certification? How to become an EASA member

Within the manufacturing and mechanical repair industry, there are many standards that must be upheld to maintain a safe work environment and quality products.

A certain set of standards called EASA AR100 are concerned with the repair of rotating electrical machines.

This is one of the many sets of standards that are enforced on their members by EASA. EASA stands for The Electro-Mechanical Authority (formerly known as the Electrical Apparatus Service Association).

EASA houses several engineering and educational programs while providing members with the means to stay ahead of the competition by maintaining up to date practices, equipment and technology.

Must go through process to become an EASA member

EASA’s main goal is to enhance the performance of its members by keeping them up to date on all new ideas and tools being used in their industry.

EASA is one of the leaders in electrical and mechanical sales, service and repair worldwide. They also provide a constant flow of information and education channels to act as the one-stop-shop for all electrical and mechanical systems and equipment.

What EASA offers your business?

The main functions of EASA are to provide technical support either in person, providing maintenance or a repair to a piece of equipment. Or over the phone to help walk you through something that has gone wrong or is not a complicated maintenance process.

It also has a center for business and marketing which holds tools to help manage and grow your business through expert practices and marketing. 

Being an EASA member allows you to attract new contracts from regulated industry's.

This section offers everything from marketing assistance to business connection opportunities while offering books, webinars and education programs for any ailment you’re experiencing within your business.

Being aimed toward a specific industry, EASA also offers pump repair instructions (to attempt on your own) and repair services (if personal maintenance seems too complicated).

Further, it houses the resource library (a database of all industry-relevant information) and training software for various motor winding techniques, helping ease the training of new operators.

Types of EASA Members

If you are a company that is involved in the electro-mechanical apparatus industry, the EASA accreditation could work for you.

The application process takes place through an online form, but first, you must select which of the 3 types of members you are based on specific business processes:

1- Associate member:

Companies that manufacture and sell equipment, parts/ materials or services and products used by businesses that repair or maintain electromechanical machinery of any kind.

2- Active member: 

Companies that repair or perform regular service/ maintenance on electric motors, pumps, drives, gearboxes, controls or any other type of rotating machinery.

3- Allied Member

Organizations that are considered consultants, regulatory agencies, energy service companies or any type of association affiliated with the electromechanical repair and service industry. 

EASA members are listed on their website.

Reasons to Join EASA Accreditation Program​

One of the main reasons to become an EASA accredited business is because it shows anyone who sees your website or comes to your facility that your shop adheres to a high standard of equipment and processes, assuring them of a certain standard of quality to expect.

It also gives you a competitive advantage over those businesses which are not members. Further, if you are looking to expand and lock in some large contracts, it is not uncommon that government contracts or work to be completed for a large corporation will require their service shop to be accredited by EASA.

Any advantage to be gained within the electric motor repair industry should not be ignored by those looking to continue success.

To learn more about EASA Accreditation Program you can visit their website here.

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