Secrets to Modern Employee Engagement

Introduction to Employee Engagement Even with North America currently experiencing a record low number of people who are unemployed. Still, companies are finding it difficult to motivate employees and create employee engagement in the workplace. According to Manufacturing.Net, only 25% of employees are engaged in their daily workload. While 60% of manufacturers report their employees … Read more

Repair Shop Scheduling: A Step to Achieving Peak Efficiency

In the dynamic world of repair shops, efficient repair shop scheduling is the backbone of success. Whether you’re managing an auto repair, electronic, or appliance service center, optimizing your scheduling process can significantly boost productivity, customer satisfaction, and ultimately, your bottom line. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the strategies, tools, and best practices … Read more

MRP: Material Requirements Planning

MRP in Manufacturing: Material Requirements Planning An MRP in manufacturing stands for Material Requirements Planning. The MRP in manufacturing is a program that creates a method used for calculating the components and materials that are needed to construct a product. A material requirements planning process can be thought of as a master production schedule, it is the … Read more

Training Matrix, what you need to know.

What is a Training Matrix? A business most often uses a spreadsheet or similar visual display as a training matrix. This spreadsheet usually lists certificates and training records for employees. A training matrix tracks the competency levels of each employee, each employee’s development and training. It ensures they have the proper training and certification to … Read more

QMS: Quality Management System

What is the purpose of a Quality Management System (QMS)? A Quality Management System (QMS) in the manufacturing industry is mainly concerned with customer compliance and retention. Its main focus is to ensure the product is constantly meeting the requirements set by the customer, and making sure their transaction was satisfactory at every stage of … Read more

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning

What does ERP stand for? How does it work?​ The term ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. An ERP software system is considered management software and is used to collect, store and interpret data collected from various business activities. It tracks resources such as cash, production capacity and raw materials. It further tracks current ongoing … Read more

What is Continuous Improvement?

ISO 9001 – Continuous Improvement Definition So what does continuous improvement mean? The concept of continuous improvement in ISO 9001 is simple, but how is improvement measured and what exactly is an improvement? ISO’s version of continuous improvement holds that all improvements should address at least one of the following options: Improvement of internal efficiency … Read more

Top 13 ISO Advantages

Top 13 reasons that you should invest in ISO 9001. Implementing ISO’s process based approach improves processes on the shop floor, it reduces errors in manufacturing while improving the communication between the operators and the management. There are many ISO advantages that come with implementing a Quality Management system. Advantages of ISO standards could be placed under … Read more

What is a Manufacturing Execution System (MES)?

Definition of Manufacturing Execution System A Manufacturing Execution System or MES is a computer system implemented on the shop floor or a manufacturing facility. An MES software is used to track and record the transition of raw materials to finished goods. It should also create various audit trails of inputs, keep track of materials, track … Read more