Final Inspection

What is a Final Inspection?

This inspection takes place during the last stage of the manufacturing process. This inspection determines whether a final product meets the needs of the customer and the product requirements set.

Completing this final inspection will prevent any loss of customer confidence in your product. Hopefully, avoiding any mistakes or damages during the manufacturing process. This inspection is concerned with the final product as a whole. All inputs and raw materials have been previously inspected and have met standards if they were used. Final inspections measure the final product against the following:

  • Customer requirements
  • Dimensions outlined by the engineers
  • Any international standards that apply

This inspection validates that all operations have been completed. Ensures all nonconformities that were found have been altered. Make sure any traceability required has already been recorded.

The Final Inspection is the last opportunity to ensure the quality and shipping condition of your product are completed. Not only is this opportunity available to confirm the product, but the packaging itself. Whether it is securely packaged, if it has the correct barcodes and stickers for where it is heading.

Doing an inspection this late, also allows for the customer to be updated with the newest information all the way till it is loaded for shipment.

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